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Ai Kago has been fired from UFA

With Ai's most recent scandal, UFA announced today that Ai's contract with them has been cancelled.

Hello! Project Official Announcement


To whom it may concern:

Regarding our client Kago Ai and the article in the weekly magazine that went on sale on March 26th, the information in the article has been verified with Kago herself, to our regret.

One year ago, when Kago was 17 and the smoking problem happened, we still considered her future in this company, and as punishment, she was imposed to house arrest in her parents' home. Seeing how she had progressed over that year, it was decided to start from scratch and start preparing for a comeback by bringing her to Tokyo and having her do clerical and other office duties, starting on January 23rd. Although this worked out well for two months, there was another incident and the comeback plan was abandoned. After consulting with the family, as she is a minor, it has been confirmed, and she has been released from her contract.

We're very sorry that it has come to this, and accept full responsibility.

We feel a renwewed sense of responsibility for the future, especially when it comes to minors.

Up Front Agency
Kawaguchi Yuukichi, Representative Director

Taken from Hello! Online.

I'm not really surprised this happened. She'll be missed, but we can't say she's not to blame for this. :/
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